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Swing, Slide, Climb and now Glide!

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TracForms Features

  • Aluminum Top rail
  • Engineered Smooth Trolley System
  • Non-Slip Saddle Clamp System
  • Interchangeable Disc Seat ( 9- ¾” Diameter) and ADA Wheelchair Seats 
  • Track Lengths: 34’, 50’, and 66’ 
  • Decking: Constructed out of non-skid, 5/8” HDPE Industrial Marine Grade Plastic 
  • TracForms meets ASTM/CPSC Guidelines
  • A fun, exhilarating experience, while building confidence and better preparing young riders for future challenges.

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  • Sufficientupper-body strength and coordination required
  • 6-wheel trolley glides easily to each end and back; will never jolt, stop mid-glide or scuff on sides
  • 2-way ride; no need to walk the seat back to start
  • Elevation built in; can be installed on level ground with no embankments needed
  • Inclined ends help rider gain momentum at the beginning, and slow down at the end
  • Black, rubber-wrapped chain holds comfortable poly disc seat to accommodate kids of all sizes
  • Track available in three lengths: 34', 50' and 66'
  • 37" x 37" 4 footer deck for extra stability when mounting and dismounting ride
  • Meets ASTM standards
  • Direct bury only

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